James (electricchild) wrote in sva_edu,

Few questions

I'm starting at SVA in the fall for the MFA photo program. This is my first time living on the east coast and I'm very new to New York City.
That being said, I most likely will be living off of loans, since I've heard it is generally discouraged to have regular job during the semester. Does anyone have experience doing this? And if so, were you able to afford general living expenses (rent, food, etc)?. I would most likely be applying for federal loans and perhaps a grad plus loan (trying to avoid private loans at all costs). I'm open to room mates and there's a chance a friend of mine might be moving out there with me. With a budget of about $700~ per person, where are some generally affordable places to live and commute from? I know Manhattan is out of the question price wise so I was looking into Brooklyn, Queens, or even Jersey. Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I'm totally at a loss.
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