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questions [19 Jan 2012|10:45am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I have few questions about scholarship and interview.
I am trying to transfer into SVA (animation) and working on the portfolio.
My GPA is 3.0 and I am really worried that I won't be able to recieve the scholarship..
Is interview required for applying the school? Is it better to do interview for the scholarship?
I really need scholarship to go to school.. Is there certain way to get more scholarship?

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waiting for acceptance [08 Aug 2011|06:33pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Just sent off the last of what's needed to my admissions counselor today.
Excuse me while I go wait diligently by the mail box for the next week and
a half.

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FREE art supplies [28 Jun 2011|05:28pm]

I'm moving and I have some art supplies to give away, in various conditions. Mostly oil painting stuff, but also some photography supplies. Is anyone interested/can anyone suggest a place where I can leave it and it can go to the next young starving artist? I just don't like adding to landfills, I guess.

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Attic Studio [16 May 2011|01:52pm]


My friends photo studio is opening up membership and I wanted to offer it to my fellow SVA students first since the availability is pretty limited. The space is 3000 square feet with two walls of windows and a great roof. The membership is $350 a month and includes in house photo equipment. Its a pretty great deal since the day rate for the studio is significantly higher. If your interested, contact the studio directly: info@atticstudios.net

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Few questions [03 May 2011|01:18am]

I'm starting at SVA in the fall for the MFA photo program. This is my first time living on the east coast and I'm very new to New York City.
That being said, I most likely will be living off of loans, since I've heard it is generally discouraged to have regular job during the semester. Does anyone have experience doing this? And if so, were you able to afford general living expenses (rent, food, etc)?. I would most likely be applying for federal loans and perhaps a grad plus loan (trying to avoid private loans at all costs). I'm open to room mates and there's a chance a friend of mine might be moving out there with me. With a budget of about $700~ per person, where are some generally affordable places to live and commute from? I know Manhattan is out of the question price wise so I was looking into Brooklyn, Queens, or even Jersey. Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I'm totally at a loss.
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photography/getting accepted [01 May 2011|10:31pm]
I have a few questions about the school but most of them are about the acceptance process.

My grades at the moment (I'm a junior) are pretty average/low (around 2-2.5)
I'm applying for photography and I already know my portfolio will be accepted (talked to one of the teachers at the school). I'm just very worried that my grades won't be good enough to get me in. Any information about the process and any information about what you think, would be great! and also, and information about the photography program.
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cover your sins [26 Apr 2011|06:23pm]

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Scholarship Questions [21 Mar 2011|11:30pm]

I'm a freshman for the fall 2011 semester and I had a few questions about scholarships.
Firstly, when does SVA announce whether or not you have received a scholarship from them? The deadline for consideration was the first of the month and I know it takes time but it's good to know. Do they send letters saying that you didn't receive a scholarship? And also, I know that a lot of colleges help students by giving them some of the money that is left in the tuition fee after what the parents are responsible for. Does SVA do this or are the only two types of financial aid the two big scholarships. Finally, how many people are awarded money from the Silas H. Rhodes and CMA scholarships? 
Thank you for any info you can give.
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[21 Mar 2011|09:41pm]

 Hey, everyone. I'm a high school junior in Toronto and thinking of applying to SVA next year for either fine arts or illustration. I have a few questions and it would be so helpful if you guys could answer them.

1) Do I stand a chance of getting in? I'm not finished my portfolio and I still have about 8 months to work on it, but I've never done an oil painting before and my work is strongly based on collage and dry media. Please critique my work and give me suggestions. You won't hurt my feelings, I promise.You can see my portfolio here: http://tempera-mental.deviantart.com/

2) What would be better for me, illustration or fine arts? I love writing and reading, and I've always been interested in illustrating books, editorials, even instruction manuals. On the other hand, fine arts is broader and a lot of my favourite artists make more conceptual work that definitely wouldn't count as illustration (e.g. Tracy Emin, Ann Hamilton.) 

3) Honours-- should I apply? I'm a strong academic student and writer, but is it too much pressure? The small, tight-knit community sounds really nice.

4) I don't have Photoshop and have no idea how to use it. I've never made computer art or used a tablet. There's not going to be any digital art in my portfolio. Is this a problem?
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i'm feeling dumb... [08 Mar 2011|11:12am]

Silas H. Rhodes and Chairman's Award are two different scholarship, no? is it possible to get them both? If so do they come in separate times? @_@
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I GOT ACCEPTED. :D [23 Feb 2011|08:54am]
Downside is that I cant afford it, and am getting clear "NO" from my family.

I dont think I got the Silas H Rhodes scholarship, so is there any way I can get SVA to give me any money???

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[22 Feb 2011|01:47pm]

I'm going to be living on campus next year in the George Washington building.
In the handbook, it states that possession, distribution and use of alcohol is prohibited. My question is: And what if we're 21? I'll be 22 later this year. Does this rule apply to those who are of and over legal age? Thanks.
(And I'm not a raging alcoholic - just someone who likes to drink a beer every once in a while!)
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Any graphic design majors here? [21 Feb 2011|01:15am]

Hi, I was wondering if there are any graphic design majors here who could share their experiences at SVA and provide some insight into building a strong portfolio.

I'm currently wrapping up my application for transfer in the Fall. I contacted the graphic design advisor and was told to go half and half (traditional vs. digital work) for a transfer portfolio. I had no problem rounding up my digital work (I have an AA and an AS in graphic design), but am a little nervous about the traditional work. I took 2D and 3D design, as well as drawing I & II, while completing my AA, but I'm only confident in my drawing skills. I do not know how to paint. I was thinking of submitting portraits and still lifes, maybe a landscape or two - but I'm worried that half a portfolio of graphite drawings isn't so great. My digital half includes identity, poster, packaging, editorial/book designs, etc.

Was anyone here in a similar situation? How did you turn out? Again, any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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Honors Program [10 Feb 2011|06:46pm]

Hello! I'm currently a junior in high school, but I've been interested in applying to SVA for a while now. I recently learned about the Honors program and I was wondering if anyone here has some first -hand experience in it. What do you think of the work load on top of the standard classes you have to take? How hard is it to get accepted and is it worth it?

Thanks for any information!

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How long does it take for letters of acceptance or rejection to be sent to you? [02 Feb 2011|08:35am]
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Film at SVA [23 Jan 2011|09:43pm]
 Hi there, so iam a junior in high school. My gpa at the moment is a 2.4 not the best but i have talent in film and i love. How hard is it to get into the film program at sva, also how good is the program is it worth the money? Another thing if I attend the pre-prgram for high schoolers will my chances of getting accepted increase, or if i submit into films into highschool film contest, and i win , would that increase my chance. I just love this school(it my dreams school) sooo thank you, bye
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People [23 Jan 2011|09:33pm]
 Hello, so i am just wondering if any somalians go to sva. I have always been around somalians, (iam one). It would be kinda scary to not have one or more around in sva. If anyone knows any somalians that are going to sva or are in please let me know. 
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[12 Jan 2011|10:44am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Not to be completely random or even expecting to get much feedback on this...
But can someone look at what I have so far on my portfolio and tell me if I have any chance of getting in, I want to know if I should even bother applying to SVA at all...

I've got a 3.4 GPA and 1650 SAT score.
And my portfolio so far is right here minus a few that are big pieces....


And I'd like to know if its decent enough, should I add/make any changes to it?

thanks for any help :D

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Switching from a Fine Arts Major to Advertising [02 Jan 2011|06:45pm]

Hey there! Sorry to be so abrupt, but I finished sending in all my application materials to SVA, and I applied for the Fine Arts major. But now, after thinking about it for about a month, I want to switch to advertising instead. How difficult would the process be to change my major if I get accepted? That and does anyone know the protocol for switching majors, like what you would need to do, fill out, etc.? Thanks in advance!
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question about Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship [29 Dec 2010|06:46pm]

so i am applying to SVA, a spontaneous decision on my part, and i am definitely interested in this scholarship. One of the criterias seems to be GPA of 3.0 or higher, my is 2.8 with all the art class credits striped away. But I also know most art school value portfolio over grades. So my question is: will I be still considered for Rhodes Scholarship with my limping GPA? Do the rules stretch a bit
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